Molino Spadoni

Esperienza, farine e molto altro.

Built in 1445, Molino di Coccolia mill new life began in 1921 when the Spadoni began a tradition that started with Livio, continued with Libero, and is still practiced today with Leonardo, watching over the roots of ancient knowledge that, over time, they were able to enrich with the best of the modern world.

The experience of those who are knowledgeable about the raw materials and the intuition of an innovative vision led to the creation of different types of flours for different uses. Since 1980 their flour has awarded excellent results to those who enjoy using them.

These individuals are the true stars of this tradition and it was for them that Molino Spadoni expanded its product range, interpreting new flavours and food styles and meeting the needs of modern consumers, cooking enthusiasts, and food service professionals.

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The possibilities are endless for those who enjoy the art of preparing food: flours for pasta, bread mixes, cake and pizza mixes, and special, organic, stone-ground, and whole grain flour. Each product is created to be perfect and dedicated to those who want only the best.

But the story doesn't en here. Flour was just the starting point that led the company to define other excellent lines with the achieved goal to become a great food product group and a benchmark in the Italian food industry. This led to the creation of gluten-free products, Almaverde organic products, Mora Romagnola cold cuts, and traditional regional cheeses.

Market diversification was built with the same passion for authenticity and was produced entirely by us in our 14 facilities that, besides the central mill and the Coccolia packaging and warehouse facility, include a mill exclusively for organic products, facilities for the production of gluten-free pasta or baked goods, and others for dietetic blends and products, bars, and frozen products.

The quality and safety of the products are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and CCPB certified to ensure transparency and trust in those who choose them. The sole purpose is to guarantee maximum results without ever forgetting the importance of historical practices, the link with the land, and the wholesome desire to prepare somthing good and natural.

With over 120 employees and a network of sales agents and 403 distributors, Molino Spadoni does not limit its sales to the Italian market, where it holds 51.1% of the special flours market. Instead it exports a significant percentage of its production to 30 other countries, mainly Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The success that Molino Spadoni products are finding also outside of the country has led to the opening of new markets in recent years, from eastern countries to Japan and the United States.

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