Pizza - Special Flours and Professional Mixes


Molino Spadoni presents a wide range of soft wheat flours special for pizza which are characterized, on the bags, by the lively Pulcinella. A range of flours able to offer any possibility to skilful pizzaioli in order to prepare classic pizzas or pizzas to be cut, soft or crackling, with short, medium, long leavening times. Products of high quality which are characterized by equilibrium, working easiness ad elasticity, items so easy to be used.

In 5 or 25 kilos packing

PZ1 “00” - for pizza to be cut
Cod. FPZ1
Weak flour - fast leavening time( 2/4 hours) W170
PZ2 “00” - for soft pizza
Cod. FPZ2
Good, well balanced flour, short leavening time (4/6 hours) W200
PZ3 “00” - for classic pizza
Cod. FPZ3
Versatile and largely diffused flour, medium leavening time (8/10 hours) W280
PZ4 “00” - for crackling pizza
Cod. FPZ4
Strong flour, long leavening time (10/20 hours) W325
MANITOBA “0” - the queen of flours
Cod. FPZ8
Flour fit also for the cold technology, very long leavening time ( more than 24 hours) W360

In 25 kilos packing

PULCINELLA “0” - for traditional pizza
Cod. FPZ6
Easy to be manufactured, medium leavening time (6/20 hours) W240
VESUVIO “0” - for superior pizza
Cod. FPZ7
Stronger taste and more extensible knead, long leavening time (8/16 hours) W 280
FLOUR PLUS STARTER - Flour with enzymes
Cod. E41M25
Innovative product which permits to shorten leavening times improving the taste of the dough to obtain a high quality pizza in a short time.