Black Bread Mix with Cereals

Mix with sunflower seeds and buckwheat, ideal for a bread-making machine, rich in fibre and containing dried sourdough.

Cereals 64% (corn starch, rice starch, millet seeds, Teff flour), sunflower seeds (8%), whole-grain buckwheat flour (5%), inulin, dextrose, cocoa, raw cane sugar, thickening agents: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, xanthan gum; dried sourdough (sourdough starter) 1.5% (buckwheat flour, quinoa flour, microbial starter); lupin bean protein, salt.
May contain LUPIN, MILK.

Gluten-free, specially formulated for gluten-intolerant persons.

Black Bread Mix with Cereals
Ideal for bread
500 g

icona senza glutine molino spadoni