Brisighella Pecorino with “forgotten fruits”

Our Brisighella Pecorino with forgotten fruits is a mature cheese produced with 100% Romagna sheep’s milk.

With this speciality, we wanted to bring back the old traditional fruits, those abandoned or pushed aside in favour of more productive cultivations, but that stand out for their unique, incomparable multi-sensory characteristics.

After an initial ageing process of around 50 days, the cheese is first matured with an extract of forest fruits that gives the rind a purple colour and a delicate fruity aroma. Following this, the cheese is covered with a blend of dried “forgotten fruits”, among which are rosehips, elderberries, blueberries, apple and pomegranate, giving it unique aromatic notes that penetrate and diffuse from the rind to the heart of the cheese. Floral aromas are added to the fruity ones, thanks to the presence of lavender, which brings to mind the stretches of fragrant purple fields that characterise some areas of our country.

The final result is a surprising speciality that rediscovers and evokes rural traditions, and the flavours of yesteryear.

Ideal to savour on its own, in all its natural goodness, to enrich delicious Italian appetisers, or to accompany cold cuts. Serve with medium-bodied red wine, or white wine that is not too aromatic.


Origin of the MILK: Italy


Pasteurised sheep’s MILK, rennet, selected lactic cultures, Cervia natural sea salt. Maturing: lavender, lemon balm, apple, rosehip, elderberry, blueberry, cornflower, pomegranate. Inedible rind. Without preservatives.


1,8 KG ca.