Our production facilities

Molino Spadoni products are predominantly made in Emilia Romagna, a land of world-renowned culinary tradition and enormous talents that continue to generate innovation and growth using their creative spirit. It is precisely here that we make our entire product range.

Mill and automated packaging. The Coccolia production facility, located where the ancient mill of the village dating back to 1445 once stood, is our headquarters, which houses offices, production plants and a central warehouse for the automatic packaging of flour in 1, 5, 15, 25 and 30 Kg paper bags.
Facility dedicated to the packaging of flours, mixtures and preparations in bags in modified atmosphere.
Facility dedicated to the packaging of flours and preparations in paper bags.
100% ORGANIC mill and stone grinding. This facility is exclusively dedicated to processing organic wheat. We are one of the few companies with a mill that grinds only organic wheat.
It is the facility entirely dedicated to the production of frozen and ambient-temperature bakery products with gluten.
Facility exclusively dedicated to the production of our entire gluten-free range (flours and mixes, pasta, and frozen and ambient-temperature bakery products).
Facility dedicated to the processing and production of cured meats and meat from Mora Romagnola, as well as the production of typical local cheeses and the creation of gourmet products.
Brewery founded in 2018, a few kilometers from the Molino’s historic headquarters, dedicated to the production of raw, unpasteurized and non-microfiltered craft beers.
Our own farm stretching over 90 hectares through hills, pastures and woods entirely dedicated to the breeding of Mora Romagnola pigs, an ancient, indigenous, and prized breed that lives here in a semi-wild state.
A point of reference for the sale of our range of products to the public.