Cacio del Borgo di Brisighella with wild fennel

Cacio del Borgo di Brisighella with wild fennel, made with 100% Romagna cow’s milk, has a medium-consistency white compact texture.

Refinement with fennel, a basic yet bold ingredient, makes this dairy specialty a real surprise for the palate thanks to the extraordinary balance between sweet and delicate milk and fresh and tasty fennel.

The surprising taste of this cheese is accompanied by the captivating and intense aroma of fennel, which make Cacio a unique and appreciable goodness by those looking for cheeses that allow a 360° sensory experience.

This cheese is an excellent ingredient for risottos, to which it gives a bold and intense flavour and aroma. It is also ideal to be enjoyed on its own with home-style bread or accompanied by a citrus marmalade to contrast the sweet taste of cow’s milk.

Cacio del Borgo di Brisighella with wild fennel is ideal to serve with well-structured red or white wine.

Origin of the MILK: Italy


Pasteurised fresh MILK, selected lactic cultures, rennet, natural Cervia sea salt. Refined with wild fennel. Inedible rind. Without preservatives.


1,6 Kg ca. - 0,700 Kg ca.