Caprino di Brisighella refined with roses

Caprino di Brisighella refined with roses, produced with 100% Italian goat’s milk, is handcrafted and aged with care and dedication by our master cheesemakers.

A dairy gem made with “vegetable rennet”, which gives the product particular organoleptic properties. After an initial ageing process, the cheese is wrapped in cotton cloths previously immersed in elderberry and rose extract. With this refinement process, the floral essence slowly seeps from the crust to the core, enriching the cheese with intense aromas.

The texture is stringy and delicate, with a pleasant and medium-intense persistence. Hints of dried fruit and delicate marbling, which make Caprino a combination of sweetness and spiciness, are perceived from the very first bite.

A different cheese, perfect for the most demanding consumers or for those who like to experiment with surprising and tasty dairy specialities.

It is ideal for enhancing classic cold cuts with taste and originality, in combination with full-bodied white wines. It is also excellent as an ingredient for first courses, or to be diced and served atop a berry-based salad. Finally, it is suitable in vegetarian diets and as main meal ingredient, and is a highly digestible product even for consumers with intolerance to cow’s milk cheeses.

Origin of the MILK: Italy


pasteurised goat’s MILK, vegetable rennet, selected lactic cultures, Cervia natural sea salt. Refined with rose petals and elderberry. Inedible rind. Without preservatives.

1,5 KG ca. - 0,750 KG ca.