Gran Mugnaio Anticaking Flour – Type “00”

The Original Gran Mugnaio Anticaking Flour “00”, perfect for all culinary uses. Thanks to its dedicated anticaking calibration, this flour can be used for all culinary purposes, whether professional or domestic.

It is particularly suited to making pasta, gnocchi, and pastries.
This flour has been created to obtain the best results in the preparation of traditional fresh and extruded pasta. It also optimises the use of kneading machines and mechanical extruders.

This product does not discolour, retaining its pale colour for longer than normal flour. It offers greater cookability results but it can be worked like any regular flour. It has a balanced protein-to-carbohydrate ratio, guaranteeing a high-volume, elastic, translucent cooked product, with a rough surface that helps sauce to stick better.

Soft WHEAT flour – type “00”.


Soft wheat flour - type "00"
Perfect for pasta, gnocchi and pastry confections
1 kg - 5 kg