Gran Mugnaio flour – type “0” – for Romagna-style piadina

Gran Mugnaio flour – type “0” for Romagna-style Piadina, for preparing real Romagna-style piadina easily at home.
Created to obtain the perfect consistency and unmistakable flavour of this typical regional specialty. This flour facilitates optimal working of the dough, making it easy to knead.

Piada or Piadina is a thin Italian flatbread, typically prepared in the Romagna region, whose origins date back to Medieval times. It is an emblematic food of the region. The flour is kneaded with water, salt, lard and a pinch of baking powder (dose); then it is rolled out with a rolling pin into a round, flat shape, and cooked on a fire-resistant terracotta disc heated over a briskly burning wood fire, or on a stone slab. A Piadina made using Gran Mugnaio flour preserves the same taste and appearance characteristics of the traditional rural recipe.

Soft WHEAT flour – type “0”.

Soft wheat flour - type "0"
Ideal for piadina
1 kg