Mix to Prepare “Gran Pinsa alla Romana”

A recipe of ancient origins, the Pinsa could be defined as the ancestor of classic pizza, crunchy outside and soft inside. It owes its name to Latin “pinsère”, which means “to press” or “to stretch”, as in pressing or stretching the dough. In antiquity, Roman peasants used to combine simple basic ingredients comprising a blend of grains and water to prepare the dough, which was then seasoned with salt and aromatic herbs and given its typical elongated shape.

Hence, the Molino Spadoni Mix to prepare “Gran Pinsa alla romana”: a blend of type 1 flour, soy flour and rice flour to prepare a Roman-style Pinsa at home in just a few steps.

Ingredients: type “1” soft WHEAT flour 93%, SOYBEAN flour, rice flour, WHEAT-based sourdough, spelt WHEAT
flour, barley flour, enzymes.


1 KG