Pre-cooked Mora Romagnola Cotechino

Pre-cooked Cotechino made from Mora Romagnola meat, made in the traditional way and typical to the Romagna region, comes from a careful selection of ingredients and an artisan production process.

Produced using the most prized cuts, such as the shank, the head muscles, the shoulder and the cheek, hand processed, and seasoned with a delicate marinade with a base of Cervia natural sea salt, ground black pepper and flavors. The result is a Mora Romagnola Cotechino with a delicious, delicate flavour.

The Mora Romagnola is a unique, ancient native breed of pig, the focus of a recovery project which has saved it from extinction. The Mora Romagnola feeds mainly on grains and acorns from our cultivations, and spends its time in the open air, moving freely in over 90 hectares of woods and hills on our farm in the hills of Brisighella.

Origin of the meat: ITALY

Mora Romagnola pork, pork rind, Cervia natural sea salt, spices, flavours, antioxidant: E301, preservative: E250.
Natural, inedible intestine.

400 g