Mora Romagnola White Meat Sauce

Mora Romagnola pasteurised white meat sauce is a high-quality traditional sauce from Romagna, ideal for gourmet dishes, and sold in practical 180 g packets.

The packet includes a delicious recipe for you to test your cooking skills.

The Mora Romagnola is a unique, ancient native breed of pig, the focus of a recovery project which has saved it from extinction. The Mora Romagnola feeds mainly on grains and acorns from our cultivations, and spends its time in the open air, moving freely in over 90 hectares of woods and hills on our farm in the hills of Brisighella.


Mora Romagnola pork 56%, water, shallots, white wine, extra-virgin olive oil, Cervia natural sea salt, dextrose, sucrose, vegetable fibre (pea and potato), spices, dehydrated garlic, aromatic herbs.
May contain EGGS, SOYBEANS, MILK and milk-based products, CELERY and MUSTARD.

180 g

100% Mora Romagnola