Mix to Prepare “Gran Pizza alla Napoletana”

Neapolitan pizza is the pizza par excellence. In every corner of the world, even the most remote, when we talk about pizza we immediately think of a pizza prepared with a soft and thin dough and thick rolled edges, the quintessential Neapolitan pizza.

Pizza is synonymous with authenticity and Italian tradition and the original Neapolitan pizza stands out for its typical appearance, texture and taste: soft on the palate, and round with a raised crust, the famous “cornicione”, which must be airy with no bubbles or burnt areas.

Hence, the Molino Spadoni Mix to prepare “Gran Pizza alla napoletana”: made with type 1 flour and remilled semolina flour, so you can easily cook the Mother of all pizzas at home, bringing out the uniqueness and typical flavour of its original version.

Ingredienti: soft WHEAT flour – type “1”, remilled durum WHEAT semolina, sourdough starter (WHEAT-based sourdough) 3%, soft WHEAT malt flour.


1 KG