Teff Spaghetti

Gluten-free Teff Pasta, bronze-drawn and dried slowly at a low temperature. Contains no emulsifying agents.

Originating from Ethiopia, Teff is the smallest grain in the world, making it impossible to separate the different parts of the grain during the grinding phase. This means that Teff retains all its proteins and its 8 essential amino acids inside. Naturally gluten-free, Teff also allows us to satisfy the functional health requirements of consumers: it contains a particular type of starch that does not break down into sugar, but instead passes through the intestine undigested (resistant starch).
The final result is a flavourful pasta with good cookability compared to classic gluten-free pasta.

Teff flour 25%, yellow corn flour, white corn flour, husked rice flour.

Gluten-free, specially formulated for gluten-intolerant persons.

400 g

icona senza glutine molino spadoni