Brisighella RiRicotta

Brisighella RiRicotta is a fresh dairy product made with the whey left over from processing our cheese, and added Romagna cow’s milk. It is produced with the traditional “affioramento” rising process, and the ricotta that rises to the surface is collected with a special copper spoon.

Once it has cooled and dried, the product is cooked slowly in the oven to guarantee its unique, traditional characteristics. This cooking process, as well as being the inspiration for the name “RiRicotta”, gives the product an amber colour and a sugary flavour, with notes of caramel.

Ideal for a starter, to fill sandwiches and piadine, or to enrich salads or pasta dishes. Also excellent served with fruit salad, or as a dessert, paired with delicious chantilly cream.

Origin of the MILK: Italy


cow’s MILK whey, fresh pasteurised MILK, Cervia natural sea salt. Without preservatives.

200 gr ca.