Mediterranean breadsticks

Our Vivifree line of breadsticks offers consumers high quality standards and three different varieties of flavours.
These varieties are created starting from a recipe based on simple, healthy and natural ingredients. Fragrant and flavourful, Vivifree breadsticks owe their quality to a careful process of leavening and production.

Breadsticks with extra-virgin olive oil, tomatoes, capers and olives, made without palm oil. A good source of fibre.


Rice oil, rice flour 13%, wheat flour, corn starch flour, water, dextrose, yeast, corn flour, powdered sundried tomatoes 1.5%, dried rice sourdough 1.4%, extra-virgin olive oil 1.4%, black olives in brine 1.2% (black olives, water, salt), capers in brine 1.2% (capers, wine vinegar, water,
salt), salt, sesame seeds, psyllium fibre (0.7%), rice syrup, thickening agents: guar
gum and E464 (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), oregano, dried onion, natural olive extract.
May contain traces of: MILK, LUPIN, SOYBEANS.

Gluten-free, specially formulated for gluten-intolerant persons.

25 g - 150 g

icona senza glutine molino spadoni