Mora Romagnola lard

The very slow aging and extreme care and attention reserved for the valuable Mora Romagnola “white gold” bring out the sweetness and soft texture of this select cured meat.

Following a rigorous selection, we prepare rectangular portions that are seasoned and placed in brine tanks with boiling water seasoned with Cervia natural sea salt, aromatic herbs and spices. The lard will marinate in these tanks for about 40 days, after which it will be removed, drained and left to dry for the time needed.

Ideal as an accompaniment to refined gourmet dishes.

The Mora Romagnola is a unique, ancient native breed of pig, the focus of a recovery project which has saved it from extinction. The Mora Romagnola feeds mainly on grains and acorns from our cultivations, and spends its time in the open air, moving freely in over 90 hectares of woods and hills on our farm in the hills of Brisighella.

Mora Romagnola lard, Cervia natural sea salt, spices, aromatic herbs, garlic.


250 / 300 g approx. - 1 kg approx.

100% Mora Romagnola