Mora Romagnola ribs

100% Mora Romagnola Spareribs are particularly good cooked in sauces, in a frying pan, in the oven or on the grill.

The Mora Romagnola is a unique, ancient native breed of pig, which is raised semi-wild on our farm in Brisighella (RA), the Palazzo di Zattaglia Farm, in an area of over 90 hectares of hills, pastures and woods. In this open space, where they are controlled but free, they move around a lot, eating acorns and whatever they find in the woods, drinking spring water, and respecting their natural reproductive cycles.

This special rearing method produces a precious raw material, a PARTICULARLY FLAVOURFUL meat, seasoned with HIGH-QUALITY CERVIA SALT, containing a majority of unsaturated fats, and particularly RICH IN IRON, which gives the meat its distinctive darker colour.

Origin of the meat: ITALY

Mora Romagnola ribs.

350/400 g

100% Mora Romagnola