Squacquerone di Romagna DOP

Romagna Squacquerone DOP is a soft cheese, typical of the Romagna Apennines, where the animals are traditionally fed with forage from the Pianura Padana. This nutrition means that they provide a delicate milk with herby notes, excellent for the production of this particularly tender, creamy cheese. With a white colour and a sweet, delicate flavour, Squacquerone takes its name from the word “squacqueron” in local dialect, due to its tendency to “let itself go”, referring to its extremely soft, gooey consistency, a result of its very short aging time. The DOP certification guarantees that this product is made using only milk coming from the area of origin, without preservatives, and with the exclusive use of native probiotics.
Excellent on a Romagna-style piadina, on focaccia, or as an accompaniment to cheese and meat boards.

High-quality MILK, salt, live lactic cultures, rennet.

200 gr